ENVISION is leading design, advancing communities.

We are a team of professionals, designers and innovators who uphold ENVISION's core values of vision, excellence and character. We are inspired by the inherent potential that design embodies for building, serving, and strengthening communities.

In Healthcare, Education and Community & Cultural projects, we serve a diverse clientele, and within each project we lead for them, we see the long reach design can have - creating beautiful and memorable spaces and ecologically sensitive environments, optimizing efficiencies and production, and bringing people together. We consider community inclusive of each project's end-users, supporters, project funders, future inhabitants, and the vast meshwork of the project's social and economic participants, as well as the recipients of the services our clients provide. We aim to continually advance the reach of our clients, supporting their mission through design, meeting or exceeding their goals... impacting their communities.

Our firm was Founded in 1983, and we are a New York State Certified Women-Owned Business. We provide in-depth expertise in planning and design, with a 40 year history including a local and regional award-winning portfolio. We offer architecture, interior design, planning and master planning services in our core focus areas for clients: Healthcare, Education and Community & Cultural enterprises and institutions. The firm also leads many projects for State Agencies, in term contracts and individual projects.

Our passion for design and community are complemented by our attention to detail, and our outstanding performance delivering projects, with excellence in project management, professionalism and technical skill, all fostered in a collaborative environment.